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Where are they now?

What an amazing project this was! Two years ago at this time we were receiving the fiberglass sea lions and working on distributing them to the 20 artists that we had chosen to do the creative work. The artists had just about 60 days to paint and create their masterpieces.

The Friends of the Florence Events Center and the Dancing with Sea Lions committee did all the invisible work - finding sponsors and locations for the sea lions and bringing all the details together.

West Coast Auto Body worked overtime to apply clear coating to seal the paint and make the work shine. *Two full years later, the sea lions look as gorgeous as the day they were displayed, thanks to this special high-gloss coating!

After the unveiling in the spring of 2016, the Florence community embraced the artwork. A map was created to follow where the sea lions were first displayed. It was reported that thousands of travelers saw the sea lions and had their photograph taken with them.

In October of 2016, the sea lions were auctioned off and sold to their permanent owners. Since that time they have found their way to new homes beyond Florence from Waldport to Reedsport to Coos Bay to La Jolla, California.

Although we are doing our best to keep up with these migrating sea lions - we are a group of volunteers and the website may not be able to keep up with exact new locations or details.

Thank you again to the artists, the Florence businesses and individuals that sponsored the work and all the people who participated in one way or another!

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