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Karylynn Keppol

Project Name: Butterflies

Artist Karylynn Keppol took her three favorite things: Butterflies, sunsets, and complimentary colors – and created Butterflies.   


Inspired by storytelling and fantasy, Keppol says Butterflies is a textural work along whimsical lines and a sense of magic. Believing that images should tell a story or make people feel something, with that in mind, Keppol felt she wanted to instill a sense of joy and wonder in those who see her work.  Most of her illustrations are made with traditional media that are scanned in and mixed with digital coloring.


A swarm of butterflies surround Butterflies Sea Lion, where they begin to part... revealing the beginnings of a sunset.  Keppol said she has always loved sunsets and butterflies and that they allow her to import an expressive sense of magic and whimsy.


Keppol used M. Grahm & Company acrylic paints and airbrush medium.

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