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Judy Murphy

Project Name:  Splash Like No One Is Watching


What inspires artist Judy Murphy?   “JOY!  The spark of imagination brought to life in the characters full of life - full of love.  Laying down inhibitions to be all you are created to be.”  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


A life long creator, Murphy says she’s been creaing as long as she can remember.  Creating something first in her imagination, then she projected her imagination into whatever medium was at hand.  For many years she worked in floral design, with beads, fabrics, painting on canvas.  But it didn’t stop there, she worked with paper, wood, and finally on walls.  What ever she did, for Murphy bringing something into reality brought a great sense of satisfaction.


And JOY!.


Murphy says her design is created with one purpose – to bring joy and put a smile on faces.  Each character in Splash Like No One Is Watching has a personality in its freedom to express its uniqueness.


Through out her project Murphy used high quality acrylic paints by Liquitex, with a high lightfastness rating.

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