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Isabella Castle

Project Name:   Sunny the Sea Lion


Our youngest artist, Isabella Castle, is still in her Freshman year at Siuslaw High School.  But her art belies her youth. 


Castle has spent her entire life watching her mother, an artist that inspired a love of creation in her daughter.  Isabella says for a long time she imitated her mother’s work but as she grew older her creative voice and subsequently her artwork became her own. Normally she works in pen, no pencil, no eraser, just her pen in hand. So why did she choose to participate in Dancing With Sea Lions? To push herself, to make her art bigger, to paint.


Her design for Sunny the Sea Lion is organic, in that it wasn’t so much planned as it was like her pen work. It grew from itself.


Isabella created Sunny with Professional Liquitex Gesso, Liquitex Professional acrylic soft body paint, Forney black paint marker, Lascoux acrylic varnish and Escoda Brushes and Artisan brushes.

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