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 Eileen Hearne 

Project Name:  Circling Fish

Artist Eileen “Zelie” Hearn told us her inspiration comes from the seas lions that live to bark and play down the street from her on the Newport Bay front.  A commercial fishing boat owner, Zelie and her family have a special relationship with sea lions. They love unloading day!  Zelie said she wanted to advertise the beautiful bounty of fish caught right here in Oregon. Rockfish, salmon, tuna, Pacific whiting, sole, shrimp and crab just to name a few of the favorites of both people and sea lions. 


As an artist her paintings and ceramic works focus on the fun and easy going feel of the Oregon Coast.  Simple flowers, coastal and nautical themes inspire my work.  She drapes her uncomplicated designs in the bright colors of the Oregon Coast.  Her natural love and passion of Newport’s domestic fishing fleet and the species that thrive and are harvested along the Oregon Coast is an unending inspiration in her work.  Using both her art and her work, Hearn seeks to educate folks to the fine resources available to us in Oregon, along with the knowledge and stewardship of the fishing community.  She says her fish smile because they are happy and want to make you happy.


Zelie Hearne used professional grade artist acrylic liquitex soft body (medium – viscosity) paints with a few splashes of high grade metallic acrylic paints to keep things interesting.

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