FREE full color postcards showing where you can find all the publicly displayed sea lions are available for pick-up at the Florence Events Center, the Siuslaw Public Library, the Florence Visitors Center, Sea Lion Caves, and many other central coast locations. Pick yours up today. 

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Dance First. Think Later.

I saw the pigs in Seattle in 2005. They were on several street corners. Big pigs. Painted and cute. They caused me to pause and smile. My girls took pictures. I later saw bears in Grants Pass and became aware of the Ducks in the airport in Eugene. Where did they come from? And why? What did they mean? What was their purpose? I soon realized it was part of a theme, a community of art icons that stuck with me. Cementing the memory of Seattle, Grants Pass, and Eugene in my psyche. When looking for our own creative way to celebrate 20 years at the FEC of the performing and visual arts, a crazy idea was born. What was natural to our area and what moved gracefully? What was whimsical and fun? The

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